5 Reasons Why Being a Test Engineer Makes My Airbnb Business a Success

How being a test engineer helps me run a successful Airbnb business

Yey! I opened a short-term rental business (a.k.a. Airbnb business).

I currently own a single property. It is located in the Portuguese Venice, city of Aveiro, inspired by the beautiful Moliceiro boats that sail the lagoon canals across the city ⛵️

It has been way more successful than I anticipated.

Super hosts achievement email from Airbnb.

But what makes it so successful?

My background as a test engineer has everything to do with it. Here’s why:

  • Technical Proficiency: As a test engineer, my technical skills equip me with the ability to handle the technical aspects of running an Airbnb business. I leverage my expertise in software testing, troubleshooting, and system integration to ensure the smooth functioning of booking platforms, property management software, and other digital tools. My technical proficiency enables me to address any technical issues that may arise and maintain the digital infrastructure necessary for a successful Airbnb operation.

  • Communication: As a test engineer, I have strong communication skills crucial for effective collaboration and conveying information. Applying these skills to my Airbnb business, I can effectively communicate with guests, respond to inquiries promptly, and provide clear instructions for check-in, check-out, and any special requests. Additionally, I ensure effective communication with my team and service providers to maintain smooth operations and resolve any issues that may arise.

  • Planning: As a test engineer, my expertise in planning is invaluable when opening an Airbnb business. I use my skills to create a detailed business plan encompassing property acquisitions, budgeting, marketing strategies, and operational timelines. My planning abilities help me establish a solid foundation for my business, ensuring smooth execution and allowing for proactive decision-making throughout the process.

  • Process automation: Test engineers are proficient in test automation frameworks and tools. Applying this knowledge, I automate repetitive tasks and efficiently test critical processes in my Airbnb business. This includes automating reservation confirmations, pre-check-in tasks, guest communication, messaging, self-check-in, and post-check-out property inspections to ensure consistent quality and reduce manual effort.

  • User Acceptance Testing: Test engineers excel at evaluating user experiences and identifying potential pain points. I optimize the guest journey by applying user experience testing principles to my Airbnb business. This involves testing website usability, optimizing the booking flow, and collecting feedback to improve overall guest satisfaction.

Being a test engineer equips me with technical skills, problem-solving abilities, automation expertise, and a continuous learning mindset that can be leveraged to run a successful Airbnb business.

Being a test engineer impacts my future and business every day.

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